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We invite you to explore this carefully curated library of  relevant resources on racial equity and social impact. These resources are intended to encourage inner reflection and dialogue around race equity and social justice, as well as foster a greater understanding of the historic implications and current challenges we face in our places of business, communities, and nation.​ Whether you are a C-Suite executive, a team leader or manager, or a front-line worker, there is something for everyone. This content is updated regularly so please check back often.

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The C-Suite assets are best suited for the executive suite!  For the CEOs, CIOS, CFOs, and vice president levels.  These curated resources are selected with a visionary in mind, one  who seeks to impact strategy.  With a strategic vision and impact in mind, there is a focus on Black scholarly work and perspective as well as  business insights to guide executive decision making and to lead cultural shifts within an organization.


Managerial assets are best suited for managers and other leaders. The curated resources focus on best practices, key concepts in the racial equity dialogue, insights from DEI practitioners, to increase your racial equity awareness, knowledge and skills as a people manager to build a more inclusive and diverse work culture.  


Individual assets are best suited for individual contributors in the workplace or simply anyone else who wants to learn more about building a more equitable society. We have included poems, novels, award winning literature from Black authors and general guidelines to understanding racism.

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Towards a racially just workplace

BY: Laura Morgan Roberts & Anthony Mayo

The authors call on leaders who want" to walk their talk, and spearhead much more meaningful change. Instead of undervaluing and squandering black talent, they must recognize the resilience, robust sense of self, and growth mindset that studies show, African-American people — as one of the most historically oppressed groups in the United States — bring to the table."The authors provide insights into wealth gaps between Black-and-white family income. The authors also make the case for “the illusion of inclusion.” The authors provide insights into the research with a four-step strategy to help companies move toward greater and better representation of black leaders. It involves shifting from an exclusive focus on the business case for racial diversity to (a) embracing the moral one, (b) promoting real conversations about race,(c) revamping diversity and inclusion programs, and (d) better managing career development at every stage. The article provides data revealing workplace racial inequities and the Black professional experience.

 Companies promised diversity, but their boards are still predominantly White and male

The New York Times

"After Black Lives Matter protests last year and an economic crisis that disproportionately sidelined women, corporate America vowed to be more inclusive.... But in corporate boardrooms, little has changed. Boards have been, and continue to be, predominantly male and white, according to a new study that will be released on Tuesday.

The Economic Impact of Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

BY: Nick Noel, Duwain Pinder, Shelley Stewart, and Jason Wright

"There is a wide and persistent gap between white and black families...The widening racial wealth gap disadvantages black families, individuals, and communities and limits black citizens’ economic power and prospects, and the effects are cyclical. Such a gap contributes to intergenerational economic precariousness: almost 70 percent of middle-class black children are likely to fall out of the middle class as adults."

80+ Diversity Statistics in the workplace you should know
BY: Bailey Reiners

Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace are arguably two of the most highly discussed and debated topics in the HR and recruiting realm. Companies are asking questions like 'what really is diversity?' and 'how does building a diverse and inclusive workplace impact business?’” Built In has got the answers for you.

Addressing diversity and inclusion: going beyond the benchmark

BY: Oracle Cloud HCM

"While the topic of diversity and inclusion (D&I) isn’t new, 2020 was a wake-up call for companies to reexamine their D&I initiatives. Advancing workplace diversity is more important today than ever before. Consumers are taking their business to companies with a proven commitment to D&I. A growing number of laws and requirements are being enacted to support greater diversity in the workplace. 

Employees are looking to leadership to make a difference. Organizations must evolve or risk a shrinking candidate pool, reduced market share, and ultimately, lost profitability"